GB2GM is used at various times from the Marconi Centre, Poldhu Cove.

Look for us on Tuesday and Friday evening Club nights and sometimes on Sundays.

Also, on special events through the year for Marconi.

(Details on QRZ.com)

GK3MPD was used during 2016 when radio amateurs living in Cornwall were

given permission by OfCom to add the letter K to their call signs. (K for Kernow)

QSL for both calls via G3UCQ. Sorry. No eQSL or LOTW.

All incoming QSL cards will be answered 100% via the Bureau.

You may request a QSL card for either call sign using ClubLog.

https://secure.clublog.org/logsearch/GB2GM or


If you have any log problems for the two call signs please email


Thank you and 73 from the Poldhu A.R.C.

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