Saturday Sessions


PARC is pleased to announce that the Marconi Centre in Poldhu will be available at 10 am every first Saturday of the Month for open meeting, where all are welcome. The idea is to give as many people as possible the chance to use our full power LF and HF stations which have high performance antenna, including a triband beam.

  • Come and get some experience of HF operating including handling pileups, which are more or less guaranteed with the club call GB2GM.
  • Please come along even if you haven’t got an amateur radio licence, as you can operate the stations under the supervision of a club member.
  • Excellent local Poldhu Café close by and why not bring the XYL and family who can play on the beach, while you indulge your radio passion.
  • Meet members of the PARC club and have a good chat.
  • There will be short talks on topics like Marconi’s Experiments, HF operating, Direction Finding, Antenna modelling etc.
  • If there is interest, we will organise slow morse sessions, design and building teach-ins etc.

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