First two way contact between USA and UK (Cape Cod and Poldhu) – 18th January 1903

Marconi organised a greetings message from President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt to King Edward VII. This was to be sent from Cape Cod to the Marconi station at Glace Bay to be relayed to Poldhu (Glace Bay and Poldhu had been in contact since the previous December). On the night of the transmission conditions were good and Poldhu copied Cape Cod directly and their acknowledgement was heard by Cape Cod.


The message was relayed to Sandringham but by the time the return message had been composed it was Sunday and the Mullion Post Office was closed. Legend has it that the Post Mistress was a staunch Methodist and could not be persuaded to open on the Sabbath! This meant that the reply had to be sent by cable to avoid insulting the President by delaying the reply!

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