Marconi - Centre - Monument

Located atop the cliffs at Poldhu Cove

Poldhu Amateur Radio Club - SATURDAY SESSIONS

The Poldhu Amateur Radio Club is holding another Open Day on Saturday the 4th of March from 10am. They welcome anyone who has an interest in amateur radio, or those that are already licensed, to join them for the day. In the afternoon there will be a short technical talk on QRSS, which is very very slow QRP CW that can give worldwide contacts, with only a few mW. The club is going to run a construction project to build some QRSS TXs, costing less than £10, based on a Raspberry Pi PICO and a zero cost RX. The talk will be followed by a discussion. There will be an opportunity to operate the club station, have a chat and learn more. The club has a superb site on the cliffs overlooking Poldhu Cove and Mounts Bay, with a triband HF beam and multiple dipoles. The location is close to the Poldhu Cove beach with its café, an ideal location for the family while you indulge your radio passion. Go to Poldhu Cove and follow the signs to the Marconi Centre, where there is a large free car park. For more information, please call Terry, G4CDY on 0776 468 1843.

The Centre will once again be open on Tuesday evenings for club activities. For Marconi Centre visits please click 'Menu' - 'Opening Times'

It's doubtful whether even Marconi, listening on Signal Hill, St. John’s, Newfoundland in 1901 could have imagined the significance of an extremely short signal he had just received, nor what it would lead to. From little acorns.... that first transatlantic radio signal introduced everything from broadcasting to satellite communications, mobile phones, broadband, the internet and the world wide web - and Poldhu was at the forefront of it all.