Visit to Poldhu by Steve Nichols, Chairman of the RSGB Propagation Studies Committee.

Amongst the items discussed were the K for Kernow. Chris, GK3NHL, reported to Steve the great impact which the “K” had had on activity levels, in Cornwall, with which some of the other members present concurred, Chris said we wanted to maintain that momentum after the end of the year, a point which Steve said he could quite understand.
Steve is a member of the Leadership Committee at the RSGB, and in that capacity, Chris asked him to request the RSGB support for a further allocation. Steve seemed sympathetic to that request, and said he would raise it at the next meeting in a couple of weeks time. He advised that an approach to Ofcom should not be left until the end of the year. He suggested also that perhaps something should be put in RadCom. Steve volunteered the remark that anything which could be done to boost the hobby was a “good thing”, as Chris had emphasised the benefit to the hobby of the “K”, in an attempt to offset the general decline running nationally at around 2% pa.

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